Shikha Kapur, Amit Chandrra and Prabhat Choudhary launch marketing solutions company

Called Andaz, the agency will harness the power of digital to challenge 'conventional models'

Jan 18, 2022 09:07:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Shikha Kapur, former COO, Eros International, Amit Chandrra, managing director, Trigger Happy Entertainment Network, and Prabhat Choudhary, founder, Spice PR and Entropy Digital, have announced the launch of Andaz, an integrated marketing solutions company.
Through Andaz, the trio aim to conceive and implement innovative marketing solutions that challenge conventional models. The company will harness the power of digital and create campaigns powered by vital audience insights and data to deliver measurable marketing. This collaboration aims to create a relationship with audiences through campaigns that will look to pursue disruption in thinking and implementation.  
Kapur said, “We are at the threshold of a transformational shift in content consumption and audiences. With Andaz, we want to embrace this evolution and create marketing that echoes change, creativity, and curiosity.
Andaz will challenge the conventional marketing playbook and endeavor to give content a unique voice through campaigns that resonate in this landscape of accelerating change.”
Chandrra added, “Disruption is critical for any business. It is imperative to challenge the status quo consistently. We hope the disruption this collaboration achieves, creates the much needed revitalisation we all seek, to grow our industry.”
Choudhary said, "The story of Andaz is about harnessing the collective strengths of respective specialists. We three would be uniquely positioned to bring in a 'change'  and value in the marketing process when operating together. Reaching out to different audience segments whether it’s women or tier 3/4 audiences and unprecedented use of digital campaigns would be a priority at Andaz.”