Media360 India: The present, the future and some fun predictions

Wavemaker's Kartik Sharma lists down trends he expects to see in the media fraternity in the coming years

Mar 20, 2019 04:29:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Delivering the keynote at Campaign India’s Media360 Summit in Mumbai, Kartik Sharma, CEO South Asia, Wavemaker dissected the future of media planning in three parts – things we are seeing around us today and in the near future, the distant future and some fun predictions.
He first listed down the top trends of 2019-2020.
  • The rise of AI
  • Voice search 
  • Uber personalisation 
  • Growth of wearable technology
He then listed and explained the ‘little more distant trends’.
Automation for all media
“We are seeing this on digital and I believe this will move to all media. Robotic process and automation will be a reality. We’re seeing this in banking and healthcare and there’s no reason why it won’t be elsewhere. This has implications on the future of work. It will happen and we can’t run away.”
Growth in short format sports
“With the rise of the IPL in the first part of the century, we will see 15-30 minute sports emerge. This will allow brands and media owners to innovate. We’re seeing India move away from cricket too, to other sports like tennis, football, volleyball etc.”
Duality of presence
“We are increasingly seeing people with two different personalities – one at work, and one post it. So how do you target two different people? It has implications on how brands can do that.”
Collapse of the ad based internet model
“We are seeing this with OTT players like Netflix and Amazon Prime. And month after month these models are growing and that’s because people are avoiding advertisements too.”
Social influencers to nano influencers
“A girl in my company is a media planner in the day and an influencer for a shoe brand in the evening. She’s been able to help a few people in her group move to fitness and running and buy a particular brand of shoes in the process.”
Ad frauds
“Nine per cent of the total ad fraud globally, comes from our country.”
Rise of terrorism
“The rise in terrorism is taken lightly. The not so good future could be reality TV terrorism. It’s all coming from a gamified world. In some way there could be a pleasure in violence and we could see brands potentially taking this forward.”
He ended his session with three predictions of the distant future.
1: Google, Facebook will offer free energy in return of data.
2: Pictograms replacing spoken words. We’re seeing this with emojis ruling for the younger generation.
3: Facebook transforms from friendship into an online subscription service.