M.Ad School of Ideas announces a scholarship dedicated to Anant Rangaswami

He was the founding editor of Campaign India

Oct 13, 2022 10:12:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

M.Ad School of Ideas has announced a scholarship dedicated to the late Anant Rangaswami, former editor of Campaign India, advertising veteran and former board member of M.Ad School of Ideas. 
The scholarship will be given to one student in Bengaluru and one in Mumbai. 
Raj Kamble, director, M.Ad School of Ideas, India, said, "Anant was one of the most passionate people in advertising, someone who truly believed in our industry and our talent and pushed hard for it till his last day. He was a mentor to all of us at the M.Ad School of Ideas and me personally, always generous with his advice, ideas and time. The best way to honour his memory is to create new talent. We can only hope these kids will be as angry, impatient, stubborn and dedicated as him."