Law firm in UAE dissatisfied with Netflix's response, to proceed with calls for ban

It claims that there is no material content in Netflix's response

Apr 29, 2020 05:39:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Netflix's law firm has sent a detailed response to the law firm in the United Arab Emirates. 
In the show Hasmukh, the protagonist is a stand up comedian who is only able to do his job if he commits a murder before his act.
This follows FHS Law Firm, Abu Dhabi, addressing a notice to Netflix because of defamatory comments made towards the legal fraternity through the show.
Netflix, being represented by Saikrishna and Associates, responded to the notice sent by FHS on 28 April.
It stated that its client is a reputed global entertainment and distribution service organisation distributing content in various genres and languages and has generated significant goodwill and reputation in India. Netflix also respects all persons, communities, professions, professionals, class of persons and sections of society and does not intend in any manner to disrespect, insult, impair or disparage the reputation of the same.
It goes on to add that Netflix had no role in the creation of the series and only obtained the license from Applause Entertainment to run it on Netflix. It adds that it is trite law that neither a class of persons can be defamed as a class, nor can an individual be defamed by general reference to the class to which he belongs to. 
The law firm further states that the entire premise of the notice is misplaced and has been addressed in mere routine and perfunctory manner. 
FHS claims that there is no material content in Netflix's response and it believes that it is clear that Netflix stands no reasonable grounds to defend itself. They are carrying on with filing the relevant complaints to ban the show in UAE for its defamatory and unethical content.
This follows the Delhi High Court on Monday looking for a response from the streaming platform to to stop the streaming the series.