I-Com Global Summit 2018: 'Brands are currently looking at performance advertising and not brand equity'

A discussion around 'addressable advertising' took place on the final day of the festival

Apr 13, 2018 04:58:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

In a session on the final day of the I-Com Global Summit 2018, Simon Thomas – global director of audiences research and media investment management at GroupM, UK, who was moderating the session, spoke about the importance of ‘addressable advertising’.
He said, “There’s plenty of data around now. But, it’s about taking that data and making it usable for decision making. That is most important right now. The key for us should be ‘people’ and addressable advertising is important’. A lot of brands are currently looking at ‘performance advertising’ and not brand equity.”
He called upon Moritz Wuttke, COO of Honeycomb TV to take the discussion further.
Wuttke started off with the TV workflow and performance challenges. “Many bodies around the world clear advertising before they hit the television. Without that clearance, it’s tough to have an automated flow. Publisher approval is a challenge too and that’s something we see in markets like India. The content needs to be cleared (legally and content wise) in India.”
He added, “Then there are production challenges like video advertising production is complex and time consuming, brand approval and modifications take time.”
Wuttke explained how Honeycomb TV built a complete integrated workflow through which the target is to plan, assemble, distribute and optimise in less than 24 hours for an addressable TV landscape.