D-Code 2022: 'Every ad goes out to somebody who has a deterministic proposition aligned with the brand'

Here’s what Gulshan Verma, CEO, Jio Ads, Rizwan Bachav, luxury and lifestyle influencer, and Avinash Pant, marketing director, Meta, had to share at The Advertising Club event

Aug 28, 2022 01:13:00 PM | Article | Noel D'souza

From left: Rizwan Bachav, Gulshan Verma and Avinash Pant

The Advertising Club hosted its third edition of D-Code, an annual digital review event, on 26 August in Mumbai. 


Industry leaders from the digital domain shared learnings from their organisations, work they are proud of from their brand, work they admire from another brand and tips to crack the digital code in the year ahead.


Gulshan Verma, CEO, Jio Ads, sharing a piece of work he is proud of, spoke about a campaign they conceptualised for AMFI with an aim to reach out to verified mutual fund buyers. 


Verma stated, “As an advertising platform, every ad goes to somebody who has a deterministic proposition that is aligned with the brand. For instance, if a consumer was looking to buy a car via an EMI, we reached out to him/her and tried to pursue them to invest in mutual funds instead.”


Talking about the campaign he liked from another brand, Verma spoke about Tata Sky’s ‘Entertainment Ki Khidki’ (window of entertainment) conceptualised by Ogilvy. 

He shared, “This campaign by Tata Sky took one simple insight that the screen that we watch is also the screen that can watch you and take the viewer's emotions from that. The whole idea of this campaign was ‘we are watching you, while you are watching us’. There were AI filters, influencers, and different screen sizes, depicted in the film. The concept was powerful and interesting.” 


Verma ended his session by detailing three tips to crack the digital code: 

  • Run separate creatives for demographic and behavioural campaigns 
  • Omnichannel and geolocation insights offer the opportunity to understand consumers at scale
  • Build campaigns for privacy first 

Rizwan Bachav


The luxury and lifestyle influencer took the audience through his learnings in the social media and brand partnership space. 


Voicing out his intent for collaborating with a brand, he shared, “As an influencer, we need to treat brand partnerships as a business, and understand the goal of the brand campaign because in a way we are shouldering a responsibility along with the brand to represent them on social media on a micro level.” 


Bachav stated that community building is another factor in the influencer marketing domain. 


“Unless there is a community who is supportive and engages with your content both online and offline adequate justice to the brand your representing won’t be possible", he remarked. 


Citing some of the challenges he faces on social media, he shared, “An influencer needs to keep up with the trends and changing algorithms which are not easy at all. Another key challenge is to keep evolving in terms of content. For this, I suggest keeping note of everything happening in the world. Also, just like in any creative field, an influencer faces a creative block as well. So, try and stay relevant as much as possible and speak about things you are passionate about.”


Bachav's tips to crack the digital code were: 

  • Stick to the niche
  • SWOT analysis
  • Be real, be organic
  • Constant knowledge upgrade
  • Online and offline networking
  • Collaborate with other like-minded creators
  • Consistency
  • Engage with your followers

Avinash Pant


The marketing director of Meta shared how the metaverse can unlock and empower different possibilities for brands and consumers. 


Pant illustrating how the metaverse will change businesses said, “The metaverse will take what we love about the internet today, especially its connection concept and amplify it on an entirely new level. The innate nature of the metaverse doesn’t have to abide by the rules of time, space or physics creates a potential to provide experiences for consumers. Metaverse has the potential to provide experiences in a plethora of areas such as creativity, storytelling, brand narrative and commerce.” 


Signing off, Pant voiced his views on discovering brands on social and the effectiveness it can garner through the metaverse. “The trend has moved on from this idea of searching for a product online and buying to discovering products on social platforms and purchasing them. People are discovering brands and services on social. 80% of people, according to a study done by Meta, reported that people discover new brands through Facebook. There is a massive opportunity. With these consumer buying insights, we can connect the dots and find potential in the metaverse for brands.”