Dr AL Sharada
Aug 31, 2020

Creative Critique from a gender lens: 17-28 August

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Dr Sharada reviews 11 ads
Dr Sharada reviews 11 ads
Covid continues to be the underlying theme for most ads. It is interesting to see how the brands have been aligning their brand values or product features with the new emerging normal. Sometimes the relationship looks tenuous but at other times it looks so perfect! 
The ad brings out the various ways in which people are expressing that they care for the others in the Covid times. The situations and people portrayed are diverse and relatable and include both men and women from different age groups. There is also an attempt to show them in non- gendered contexts aswell. It is particularly noteworthy to see a general insurance company moving beyond men as  providers and  protectors and defining 'care' in a much larger context.
GS Score: 3.5/5
No comment.
Once again we have an ad which is riding piggy back on Corona promoting gargling as a hygiene practice to avoid throat infections - though not explicitly linking Covid-19 prevention to gargling. Gives equal screen space to men and women.
GS Score 3/5
Yet another ad which draws a tenuous link between a product and the Covid-19 by trying to convince the audience to use Dabur Red toothpaste which will help them chew turmeric, ginger and amla to build their immunity. I thought one made kaada of the herbs or pickled them to consume!! 
GS Score 3/5
Brings out the monotony and boredom of working from home in Covid times. In a very subtle way the ad also indicates that the young man is engaging in household chores too, be peeling peas, washing vessels or folding clothes. 
GS Score: 3.25/5
The ad focuses on unlearning, re-skilling for ensuring steady career progress. The ad captures the camaraderie between the two young men well.
GS Score 3/5
An interesting and that talks about post retirement aspirations and investments of people. Credit goes to the creative team for including women in large measure and portraying their aspirations which are as variant and non-stereotypical as running marathons to flying Cessna aircraft. Thus it acknowledges women as earning and successful professionals and also as an important segment for promoting savings for post retirement life. 
GS Score 4.5/5
No comment.
A peppy ad that shows a mother and daughter and a young man and women dancing together remotely but sharing a burger with two pattice. 
GS Score 3/5
Most communication often subtly stereotypes certain professions. One such profession is nursing which is always associated with women. While paying tribute to nurses and their nurturing spirit during the Covid-times on the occasion of Onam, it is interesting to note that the ad portrays a male nurse as well. It thus also breaks the general perception that nurturing is only an exclusive female trait. 
GS Score: 4.7/5
Hmmm... wonder why most car ads have men as the main protagonists...are women not bothered about mileage and power while choosing a car? 
GS Score: 3/5
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