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Jun 01, 2015

AAAI announces workshop on negotiation skills

Event for senior pros in Mumbai on 26 June will be facilitated by Ruma Biswas of Progress-U

AAAI announces workshop on negotiation skills
The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) will host a one-day event on 'Negotiation Skills' on 26 June, at the new AAAI Training Centre in Mumbai. 
The interactive workshop will aim to ‘to develop an optimal negotiation mindset, to be able to build trust in the negotiation process by adjusting the verbal   and non-verbal communication style, to learn a systematic process for negotiations, to be able to develop effective negotiation strategies and to improve the approach in dealing with tough negotiations’, informed an official statement.
The workshop has been designed for senior advertising industry professionals. It would be facilitated by Ruma Biswas, managing partner (South Asia), Progress-U.
Biswas stated, “The 'Modern Negotiations' programme is designed to help leaders with powerful strategies in order to navigate today's tough business environment with win-win deals." 
Progress-U has been developing leaders, sales people and professional coaches in Asia for the past 12 years, she added.
Dr M G Parameswaran, president, AAAI, said,  “As an industry body AAAI is involved with many issues facing its member agencies. Helping agencies manage their services better, get better remunerated and improve their professional skills is a key item on the agenda of AAAI. We believe that sharing learnings and knowledge is the best way to prepare the agencies for the future.  This workshop is just the beginning of a long list of seminars and knowledge sessions that we have planned at the new AAAI Training Centre”. 
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