Dave Trott: The difference between living and surviving

The author explains why work done by the Arrels Foundation solves more than one problem for the homeless

Microsoft clarifies Nokia lives on for 'entry-level' phones

Microsoft has binned the Nokia brand on smartphones, but clarified it will continue releasing ...

IAA Young Turks Forum: ‘You are not the electricity, you are the wire, that conducts it' - McCann's Prasoon Joshi

In a candid conversation, Joshi spoke about his upbringing, what creativity means to him, and more

Experience Commerce bags Lenovo's digital duties, kicks off with social campaign

The account was won following a multi-agency pitch

Opinion: Culture demands a new identity - one that evolves with the people who shape it

And culture should not be confused with values, says the author
People Focus

Profile: "It’s not about being party or show organisers"

Brian Tellis, chairman, Fountainhead Promotions & Events, explains the experiential marketing sector to Arati Rao
Profile: “We’re developing a separate channel for rural” 

Profile: “We’re developing a separate channel for rural”

Emami Limited’s CEO for sales, supply chain and ...
‘We never believed in biting more than we could chew’ 

‘We never believed in biting more than we could chew’

Q&A with Piruz Khambatta, chairman and managing ...
‘Consumers own the brand, brands own the business’: Donald Chesnut, SapientNitro 

‘Consumers own the brand, brands own the business’: Donald Chesnut, SapientNitro

Q&A with the global chief experience officer on ...

Double Standards: Is digital eating into spends on traditional media?

Pritha Mitra Dasgupta speaks to two marketers riding heavily on TV - Nadia Chauhan Kurup, MD and CMO, Parle Agro and Chandramohan Mehra, VP and head – brand and cross sell, SBI Life Insurance - to find out if the rising ad spend on digital is eating into traditional media.

Opinion- “I’m too sexy for my shoes”: The Tata Nano story: Chintamani Rao

Chintamani Rao, President, Media Direction makes a pointed case on why the Tata Nano doesn't get it.


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