Madhukar Sabnavis' Blog: The Importance of Relationships

I was sharing the podium with a famous film director at an induction session of a mass media course in a Mumbai college recently. The filmmaker spoke first and he spoke of the ...

Roopak Saluja’s Blog: Brand that country!

India is a brand, perhaps one of the world’s most underleveraged ones up until 2004. Then ‘India Shining’ happened, which, in many ways, was quite the case of ...

Veda's Blog: How about a nice big cup of coherent?

I don’t know why it happens, but it seems that the more time people spend in advertising, the more they begin to oppose the idea of clarity. Exceptions exist, of ...

Babita's Blog: Whose Idea Is It Anyway?

Once upon a time, we all sat together, lunched together, drank together, poured over excel sheets and were joint at the hip. We went to client meetings in the same car, ...

Trilokjit Sengupta’s Blog: From the diary of a complying consumer

It's 7.30 in the evening and I am standing here at an overcrowded aisle of a well-lit supermarket. In my hands, I have two bottles of shampoo. Both well-known brands. I ...

Pseudo Kramer's Blog: Out of Scope

TO : ACCOUNT DIRECTORFM : MARKETING MANAGERWe have a great opportunity to do a school program to get them to distribute our vouchers to all the students enabling them to get a ...

Sneha’s blog: The Unholy Trinity (part two) – the ad film director

In this three-part series, the filmmaker reflects on the role of agency creative, film director and client, in creating magic

Opinion: Can brands empower us to be agents of change?

Everyone wants to contribute to a better society and brands can provide them avenues beyond donations, says the author

All About: Mobile-only e-Com

Mobile may be king, but desktop is still relevant, we find out


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